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SPECIAL 3″ Soft Latex 3 Zone Mattress Topper



ZONED MATTRESS TOPPER— “MID SECTION” SUPPORT with “softer upper body” and “softer lower body” sections for less pressure.

You are buying:  A soft 3-zoned 3″ latex topper — Strategically zoned for additional support for your middle body — See full description below.


Raw Latex  3-Inch Zoned Layer – The center section of this layer is soft 18 ILD while the head and the foot of this layer will be softer.  Your shoulder area and leg area will be resting on softer latex at 14 ILD.


I’ve tried to outline exactly what this layer is–only you as a buyer can make a judgement as to whether a zoned layer would benefit your sleep comfort.  (I also sell “non-zoned” latex in both natural and blended latex in both talalay and dunlop processes should a layer of one firmness throughout be preferred.)

  • Persons who need the soft support for their midsection but would like a little softer for the rest of the body due to fibromyalgia with less pressure on their body
  • A petite person fairly lightweight overall but little heavier in the middle
  • Persons with broad shoulders who needs pressure relief as a side sleeper
  • Persons with other health challenges who would benefit from the mixed “soft and softer” latex as positioned in this layer as outlined

COMFORT:  This latex is processed using the Dunlop method and zoned to support the normally heavier parts of the body (the center part of the layer under your middle area) and provide a cushion for the lighter parts enhancing your overall comfort.

It is a blend of natural and synthetic latex–this blend adds the durability to the layer and makes the cells in the layer stronger and completely uniform.   The 3 zoned latex is only available in a blended latex.

Brand New – Top Quality – Long Lasting – Healthy –

OEKO CERTIFIED:  This is a non-toxic product –  safe to health – safe to infants –

not treated with any chemical or flame retardants.


Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King


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